Windsor ON Portrait Photographer | Adjusting White Balance with Levels

It can happen. You’ve got the perfect shot lined up and baby/child/grandpa/hubby/pregnant lady/neighbour’s cat is posing Oh-So-Sweetly. So you take the shot only to discover that you forgot to set a custom white balance. Poop! Now what?

Not to worry. All you need is a little Levels Adjustment Layer (phew!). I’ll show you what I mean.

So here’s an image of sweet Mikayla. I actually set a custom white balance for this session but for the purposes of this tutorial I made it horrible in Photoshop. 😉

Windsor Portrait Photographer Fix WB- Sherri Peroni Photography

So it’s as easy as 1,2,3. Seriously. No seriously.

1. Choose your Levels Adjustment Layer

2. Select the Gray Dropper

3. Click on a gray area in your image. I find that sometimes I don’t like the white balance from the first click so I just click around a bit until I find a wb I like.


Sherri Peroni Photography - WB Tutorial

And voila! In seconds you have a wonderfully colour corrected image (I like my images warm and cozy).

Sherri Peroni Photography - Windsor Baby Photographer


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